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How To Add Shortcut To Context Menu For Creating Date Folder?

There is a trick to create a date folder (i.e. a folder that uses date as folder name) from context menu (a.k.a. right-click menu)?

Here is the silent screencast of what I’ve tested on Windows Vista. NOTE: This trick also works on my Windows 8 Enterprise PC, so it should have no problem to work on Windows 7 too.

Firstly, run echo %date% at Windows Command Prompt, to confirm the date command output doesn’t contain any special character that cannot be used as file/folder name (e.g. the slash character). Otherwise, please change the Windows system short date format to a “valid” format (via the Regional setting, as shown in the video).
Alternatively, you’ve to use this Windows date formatting trick to change the Windows date command output (which is also shown in the screencast).

Assuming your Windows system is using the valid short date format:
C:\>echo %date%

So, open an elevated Command Prompt window (for Windows 8, press Windows+X and select “Command Prompt (Admin)” option) and run these two REG commands one after another (copy and paste to Command Prompt to eliminate typo):
reg add HKCR\Folder\Shell\DateFolder /ve /t REG_SZ /d "Create date folder here" /f
reg add HKCR\Folder\Shell\DateFolder\command /ve /t REG_SZ /d "cmd.exe /c md \"%1\%%"date%%\"" /f

Now, right click on any folder, you should see a new shortcut in Context menu that named “Create date folder here” – click this option and Windows will create a sub-folder that’s named after the current date value.

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  1. ha14 09-07-13@05:50

    how to remove it in case we want to?

  2. Walker 11-07-13@00:26

    Just use Regedit (Windows Registry Editor), navigate to that “DateFolder” and remove it.

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