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What Is Facebook Home?

Facebook Home is hot since past few days. If you just stumble upon this new term and wonder what it is, go straight to the official product page.

In short, geeks call it an Android launcher. It’s a launcher that emphasizes the importance of Facebook in social networking. To people who like or rely on FB so much should be very welcoming the arrival of Facebook Home.

What is Facebook Home?

As soon as the screen turns on, it shows you the FB News Feed. Notifications about new SMS, missed call, FB update, etc, appear right on the home screen. While you’re using other app, Facebook Home allows you to continue chat with its own Messenger, as if the phone is capable of multi-window.

If you like it, get the new HTC First or download this free launcher from Google Play starting from April 12 onwards (only applicable to certain devices, including the HTC One X/X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II).

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