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How To Force The Windows 8 IE App Tile Opens IE10 In Desktop?

There are two different appearances of IE10 in Windows 8 – the Windows Store app version (a.k.a. Metro UI app) and the other one is traditional Windows program style.

By default, I guess, clicking the IE10 app tile in Windows 8 Start Screen should open you the Windows Store app version which is optimized for touchscreen interface. If you wonder why Windows 8 keeps on open IE for Desktop as you click the Internet Explorer app tile in Start Screen, or you definitely want it to behave in this way, then this must be the setting to check.

Forces IE10 app tile to open IE10 Windows program

Press CTRL+X to bring up Windows 8 power user menu (appears from bottom-left corner) and click Control Panel followed by Internet Options.

Go to Programs tab and uncheck “Open Internet Explorer tile on the Desktop” box:

Get Windows 8 To open IE10 program when IE10 app tile is clicked.

Apparently, tick that check-box means to get Windows 8 run IE10 in Windows Store app style when the IE10 app tile is clicked.

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