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Windows Recycle Bin Tips and Tricks

Most of the time, I perform SHIFT+DELETE – deleting files without saving a copy to Recycle Bin folder. Of course, this is a dangerous act and you should not practice this unless you really want to take risk.

Where does Recycle Bin restore the files to?

When you click a file and then hit Restore button, where is the file restored to? Well, Windows Recycle Bin restores the file to where it was deleted. If you can’t remember its original folder (where it was deleted), just select the file and check its “original location” from Detail Pane (of Windows Vista/7/8):

Restore file in Recycle Bin to different folder

Check the restoration folder of a file in Recycle Bin

Besides the Detail Pane, the “original folder” where the file was deleted is also in Details view by displaying “Original Location” column:

View the original folder of file in Recycle Bin

Change to Details view > Right click folder header bar > select “Original Location” if this column is not currently selected.

Restore the deleted files to different location

To avoid the restored files overwrite the latest updated files, or to simply view the deleted files stored in Recycle Bin folder, you can choose to restore the files to different folder:

1. Select the files and right click to choose Cut option.

2. Then, paste the files to another folder.

You can’t examine the files while they’re kept in Recycle Bin folder, but you can certainly view the files after moving them out to another folder.

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