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How To Customize Windows 8 Send To Menu?

The same old trick posted almost 3 years ago for Windows 7 is still applicable in Windows 8, i.e. add/change program shortcuts in “Send To” menu!

Owes to its convenience, I never forget applying this trick on each Windows edition/machine that I work with. For example, right click mp4 video file and open it with VLC Player when my mood is not with the default Windows Media Player. Or, right click and “send” it to USB flash drive.

Create your own Windows 8 Send To menu
Imagine that how easy to open a Linux text file in Windows by right click on it and “send” it to WordPad or Notepad++ (as you may know that Linux uses different newline encoding and doesn’t enforce usage of file extension).

If you need a visual guide, please follow that 3 years old post made for Windows 7; otherwise follow this:

1. Open Windows Explorer and enter this line to Address bar:

Alternatively, open Windows Command Prompt and enter this:
start %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Sendto

2. Here you go – add/delete program shortcut at wish!

It’s easy and useful, isn’t it? Happy using Windows 8 :)

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