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Proxy Setting Causes Windows Update Error 80072EFD Or 8024402C

If your Windows laptop or tablet has ever connected to Internet via proxy server, then you’ve chance to see either one of these Windows Update error codes – 80072EFD Or 8024402C.

If Windows is referring to proxy server by DNS, then the error code is 8024402C. If it’s referring to proxy server by IP address, then the Windows Update error code will be 80072EFD.

As shown by the silent screencast (above), this error is caused by incorrect proxy server settings in WinHTTP and Internet Explorer.
On Windows 8, the Windows Store is also affected (can’t online), if either IE10 or WinHTTP fails to contact the defined proxy server.


Doesn’t matter you like Internet Explorer or not, you must make sure the IE can online to Internet – remove proxy server if it doesn’t need one, or configure it properly if it has to go through a proxy server.


Open Windows Command Prompt with elevated privilege and execute this netsh command to synchronize WinHTTP proxy server setting with the one defined for Internet Explorer:
netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

Now, try reopen Windows Update (or Windows Store) to test again. In some cases, you might need to reboot Windows too.

As long as IE can online (not rendering an offline/cached page), and then the WinHTTP proxy settings are sync’ed with IE, then the problem should be fixed!

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