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How To Change Network Type In Windows 8?

Unlike Windows 7, the Windows 8 interface is not intuitive for one who wishes to change a connected network between “public” and “private” type.

Let’s say now my connected network is configured as private network with file sharing enabled, how could I change it from private to public network type on the fly?

The answer is here:

1. Click the network connection icon in Notification Area (System Tray).

2. Right click on the connected network and select “Turn sharing on or off”, then:

a) To go for public network, select “No, don’t turn on sharing or connect to devices for network in public places”.

b) To go for private network, select “Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices for home or work networks”.

Isn’t it Windows 7 is lot easier on this subject? Well, I can live with it :)

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  1. Donovan 29-03-13@15:24

    Simple but effective way. Thank you

  2. pravy 04-05-13@15:25

    thanks dude………….^

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