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Download The Latest Skype Full Installer For Multiple Offline Installations

You know, Microsoft is going to replace Windows Live Messenger with Skype. So, where can you get the Skype full installer (not bootstrapper)?

Skype full installer.Personally, am always prefer a software to provide full installer to save my time and bandwidth for downloading the same set of setup files from multiple installation spots (the computer).

In some cases, a bootstrapper may not able to download from behind a firewall or proxy server. Therefore an alternate, offline installer is much needed.

Luckily, Skype does provide one for those who are interested. Though the link is not easy to find on its official website, I’ve found it and already shared with you in an earlier post.

Here you go – this download link is always delivering the latest Skype version to user. At this time of writing, the latest Skype version is 6.1.0129, which allows one to login using Skype ID (for chatting with Skype contacts only) or Microsoft Account (to chat with both Skype and Messenger contacts).

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