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Free 50 Bucks Zinio Voucher For Windows 8 Users

The campaign started on mid of December last year and is going to end at 2013-01-31 11:59PM EST.

So, if you haven’t redeemed the free voucher that worth 50 bucks for buying magazines on Zinio, start now.
Note, this special offer is for Windows 8 users. You can, however, read the redeemed magazines on any platform using web browser (login to Zinio and go to My Library) or using the Zinio app.

Free Zinio voucher for Windows 8 users.

Firstly, go to register and claim the voucher code.
You can use IE10 for Desktop (or any web browser) to claim the voucher, but to redeem the voucher (next step) you should try using the IE10 app version (or you may try change the user agent string of IE10 Desktop version to the one used by app version).

Then, go to redeem the voucher and follow the given instructions.

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