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Uses diskpart To Add Drive Letter For USB Drive

The connected USB drive doesn’t appear in Windows File Explorer? This could be due to the drive hasn’t initialized with a recognized file system or the drive was used for other purposes.

For example, a Windows To Go USB drive isn’t shown by File Explorer because the drive isn’t assigned with a drive letter by default, as what you can see in this silent video (playback at 720p full-screen for clarity):

To overcome this:

1. Press Windows key and type diskmgmt.msc to open Disk Management tool. If Windows can detect the connected drive, then you’re good to go next step.

2. Press Windows+X and run “Command Prompt (Admin)” to open Windows Command Prompt with elevated privilege for executing these commands:

A) Execute list volume to find out volume number of respective partitions.

B) To assign a drive letter for a volume, says “volume 4”, run select volume 4 to make the targeted volume in focus first, then followed by executing assign command to let Windows add the next available drive letter to the said volume. Optionally, use format recommended quick override to format the selected volume with a recommended file system.

If all you want to do is just format the USB drive, revert it to be a useful data backup drive, there is no need to use command-line tool (diskpart). The “diskmgmt.msc” mentioned in previous post is good enough for achieving the goal.

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