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How To Add Command Prompt In Windows 8 Context Menu?

If you press SHIFT key while right click on a folder in Windows 8, there is a shortcut called “Open command window here” in the right-click menu (Context Menu). Essentially, this shortcut opens a Command Prompt window with its working directory set to the path of folder that being right-clicked.

What about opening a Command Prompt with elevated privilege (with true administrator right) from Context menu (without even pressing SHIFT key)? Yes, you can turn on this feature via a Registry trick:

Add shortcut of elevated privilege Command Prompt in context menu.

There are 3 ways to edit Windows 8 Registry for this subject, but am going to show you only 1 way – the geek’s way, using the reg command :)
If you’re not comfortable, please leave now, as careless can corrupt Registry and cause Windows fails to boot.

1. Press Windows+X to access power user menu and click “Command Prompt (Admin)” shortcut

2. Run this reg command (you may just copy and paste it to the Command Prompt window):
reg add HKCR\Folder\shell\Runas /ve /t REG_SZ /d "Open Command Prompt (Admin) here" /f

3. Then followed by this command:
reg add HKCR\Folder\shell\Runas\Command /ve /t REG_SZ /d "cmd.exe /k \"pushd %L ^&^& title Command Prompt with elevated privilege\"" /f

Done! Now, there should be a new Context Menu shortcut when you right click on a folder or disk drive – click it to open the administrator’s Command Prompt window straight from the right-click menu.

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