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How To Fix Adobe Update Server Not Responding Problem On Windows 8?

Am frustrated! The Adobe CS6 application update on Windows 8 keeps on failing with message that said “The server update is not responding” and suggests that this could be caused by Internet or Firewall settings.

To keep thing simple for troubleshooting, I’ve disabled both Windows Firewall and Kaspersky Internet Security, but the Adobe Application Manager is still showing me the same error message. It’s only fixed after disabling the Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter.
The said device may not in your case unless you’ve also enabled Hyper-V feature. With reference to the discussion and knowledge base article, the Adobe update will fail whenever there is a “virtual network adapter”, e.g. “Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter” or “Microsoft WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter”.

For clarity view, select 480p full-screen playback:

1. Press Windows+X to bring up Windows 8 Power Menu (pops up at lower left corner) and click on Device Manager.

2. On Device Manager window, click View menu and select “Show hidden devices”.

3. Expand the “Network adapters” section, right click on “Microsoft hosted network virtual adapter” (or any virtual adapter) and select “Disable”:

Fix Adobe update server not responding error that caused by virtual adapter.

Now, restart the update process and see if it works, as shown in my silent screencast (above).

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