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How To Search A Windows Store App In Windows 8?

I heard many new Windows 8 users shout aloud “Where the hell is the search button in Windows Store” as they trying to find Google apps for Windows 8.

So, do you know how to look for an app in Windows Store? Well, it’s through the Charm bar – the hidden stripe that only appears visible as you press Windows+C, swipe in from right edge of touchscreen, or hover mouse pointer at top/bottom-right corner of display.

Sorry for my practice of producing silent screencast. The guide is simple as this:

Find a Windows Store app in Windows 81. Open Windows Store

2. Press Windows+Q (to bring up Search charm). Alternatively, press Windows+C to bring up Charm bar and select “Search”.

3. Type your search term (e.g. Google) and hit ENTER key

NOTE: If this is your first time using Search charm in Windows Store, you might have to explicitly click the “Store” before or after typing the search term. Only when “Store” is selected, the scope of search is focusing on apps or programs published in Windows Store.

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