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How Many Ways To Close Windows Store App In Windows 8?

Unlike legacy Windows program, there is no close button in the Modern UI interface. You can still, however, explicitly terminate a Windows Store app even with the absence of legacy close button.

Here are the (five) alternate ways to close Windows apps should you want to prevent the apps continue running in background (select full-screen playback at 720p HD mode for clarity):


This useful Windows hotkey is still applicable in Windows 8. The trick is darn convenient for keyboard user who want to terminate Windows Store apps (and also legacy Windows programs). In my silent screencast (Youtube video @ above), this trick is used to close the Travel app (the app screen showing a crowded Tokyo street).

Drag Windows app to the bottom edge

This trick is pretty convenient for Windows 8 tablet or touchscreen users, but not that hard too for people who use mouse.

Terminate Windows Store appUsing mouse

Move the mouse pointer to the top edge. When the mouse pointer turns to hand sign, left click and drag the Windows app to the bottom edge until it disappears.

In the video (above), am applying this trick via mouse to terminate the Windows Store :D

Using touchscreen

Similar to using mouse, tap and hold down at the top edge to drag the Windows app down to the bottom edge until it’s out of sight.

Use Windows Task Manager

The good old Windows Task Manager has a new look and feel in Windows 8. Click an app listed in Windows Task Manager and use the “End Task” button to close the highlighted app.

By the way, the hotkey to open Windows Task Manager is CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.

Windows app switching bar

The Windows+Tab hotkey in Windows 8 doesn’t bring up Windows Flip 3D but show the Switcher (Windows apps switching bar). As you can see in the screencast, I just right click on Internet Explorer app and select “Close” to terminate IE10 in no time.

The Finance app should have been terminated by Windows Task Manager, but for some unknown reasons it’s still listed in Switcher bar (could be a bug).

Let Windows Process Lifetime Manager to decide

There is detail information about how does Windows 8 reclaim memory from Metro style apps. In short, Windows 8 Process Lifetime Management endeavors to close Windows Store apps when memory gets into the critical range.

So, there is no much to worry (if you trust Microsoft that Windows 8 is super-duper stable and reliable) even you don’t explicitly close Windows app that left in background. But if you insist, there are 4 alternate ways to explicitly close Windows Store apps (previous known as Metro style app).

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