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Install Skype App Or Skype Program On Windows 8?

The Skype app offered by Windows Store is not identical to Skype program offered by Skype.com!

Just like the Messaging app comes with Windows 8 installation, Skype for Windows 8 (the app version) is still new and doesn’t inherit all functions available in Skype for Desktop (the legacy Windows program version), as mentioned in this official support page about the difference between app and program version.

In short, the current app version is lacking of screen sharing, file transfer, and group video calling. The strength of Skype app, however, is optimized for touchscreen, always on (cannot sign out; but can stop/terminate Skype app), show notification of received message/call on Windows 8 lock screen.
In with the latest Skype 6.0, the app version is also capable of using Microsoft Account to log in. Having said that, both Skype program and app can send/receive Instant Message (IM) with Windows Live Messenger contacts.

Of course, there is no technical issue should you choose to install/use both the app and program version of Skype on Windows 8. In fact, Skype app is highly recommended for users with touchscreen computer (that running Windows 8).

For more information, see the FAQ about Skype for Windows 8.

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