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Microsoft Created Windows 7 RTM Image On July Too!

The “secret” system shutdown time in Event Viewer suggests that Windows 8 RTM image was completed on 26th of Jul 2012 by a computer named windows-uj49s6b.

The Windows 7 Event Viewer recorded this mysterious entry too:

Windows 7 RTM image creation time.

The screenshot is taken from Windows 7 Professional x64 edition, showing that the operating system shutdown at 2009-07-14 05:14:28AM (UTC time) on a computer called 37L4247E29-32. That Windows log entry revealed by Event Viewer seems to be the time and computer which created the Windows 7 RTM image (for distributing in ISO format).

If you’re curious to find it out:

1. Open Event Viewer,
2. On the left pane, navigate to Windows Logs > System,
3. Click the “Date and Time” column header (to sort it),
4. Look for the earliest time of Event ID 13 which is used to record the system shutdown time.

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