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How To Live With Windows 8 Without Start Button?

Is the Windows Start button necessary? While I say no, you might not agree.

The good old Start button is perceived as starting/central point to access Windows functionality, but it’s too old. The cascading style of Start menu is bloody ugly and not as intuitive as compare to Modern UI (or Metro UI), especially on touchscreen computer.
If you dare to embrace this new UI, you’ll soon accustom to the Windows 8 Start screen and find it works well on Windows 7 computer that has no touchscreen attached.

I heard veteran users complain about the outdated and boring interface of Windows 7 (or earlier releases) when comparing it to Android and/or Apple OS, but am surprised too as they’re reluctant to accept the Modern UI (Metro UI) of Windows 8 which has no Start button and looks so drastically different than windows 7. Am puzzled!

Start button? Uses Windows key

Most of the modern keyboards has a Windows key – just press it, don’t bother to click the Start button.

Start menu? Uses Instant Search

To find a program, settings, or files, just press Windows key and then type the program/setting/file name!
The Windows Instant Search feature has been around for quite some times and integrated tightly to Microsoft OS since Windows Vista. Personally, I don’t like to navigate the cascading Start menu for finding a program shortcut. Therefore, starting with Windows Vista, I’ve been actively using Instant Search function!

New stuff is a catalyst for staying young

It’s probably really hard to convince uncles and aunties in enterprise/office, and papa mama at home, who have been so used to Windows 95/98/XP/7 style. Tell them, new toy is good to stimulate neuron and it’s catalyst to keep staying young. Wow!

Most importantly, it’s not really hard to use Windows 8 after picking up few necessary tips and tricks in few ten minutes. For example:

Get rid of Start screen
To switch from Start screen to legacy Desktop view, just hit the ENTER key, if you’ve rearranged the Desktop app tile to top-left corner (essentially make it the first app tile in Start screen).

Windows 8 Shutdown dialog box
Just click Taskbar or Desktop and then press Alt+F4, there you can proceed to shutdown/restart Windows 8!

Windows 8 Power menu
Press Windows+X hotkey to access frequently used administrative commands, such as open an elevated Command Prompt (Command Prompt window with real administrative privilege), Device Manager, System Information window, Control Panel, Run dialog box, Task Manager, etc.

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