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How To Fix Windows Update Error 8024402C On Windows 8?

If your Windows 8 computer is roaming on different networks where some require proxy server to access Internet and some are not, then you’ll likely encounter Windows Update error code 8024402C (or 80072EFD as in Windows Vista/7).

Fix Windows Update error 8024402C

It might be pretty easy to fix it in no time, if it’s caused by WinHTTP Proxy Settings:
Prior to disable WinHTTP proxy setting, please also disable IE10 proxy settings and confirm you can use IE10 (not other web browser) to browse the Net or login online (to make sure IE10 is not rendering a cached webpage).

1. Press Windows+X to access Windows 8 Power menu,

2. Select Command Prompt (Admin) shortcut,

3. Execute this command to check WinHTTP proxy server settings:
netsh winhttp show proxy

If the network used by Windows 8 is certainly not require (or do not have) a proxy server to access Internet, you should just remove the WinHTTP proxy server settings, using this command:
netsh winhttp reset proxy

If the proxy server settings is not correct, configure it accordingly. For example, to use proxy server port 80:
netsh winhttp set proxy

Here is a silent screencast to demonstrate the fix (select 720p HD mode at full screen playback for clarity view):

After resetting WinHTTP proxy settings, please close the Windows Update program (or probably restart Windows 8 might help in some cases), and run Windows Update again (i.e. execute wuapp in Command Prompt) to verify it can now connecting to Microsoft Windows Update server and downloading latest updates that are applicable to your system.

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  1. Nate 29-12-12@21:00

    I have a windows 8 laptop thats on a domain. I currently am home on holiday and when trying to update, i get this error. I am not on any proxy at all. I even have the local GPO change to directly connect to microsoft enabled and that isnt working either.

  2. Walker 29-12-12@21:27

    Please disable proxy setting for both IE10 and WinHTTP, i.e. make sure you can browse Internet online (not cached page) using IE10 and the netsh winhttp show proxy shows “direct access”.

    After confirmation, reboot and then try running Windows Update (wuapp.exe) again.

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