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How To Fix Windows Store Connection Problem?

Although Internet Explorer app can online to Internet, the Windows Store keeps on saying unable to connect to the Store and suggests that this error might be caused by server problem or network connection timed out.

You know that those are not the real causes, as you have another Windows 8 computer successfully open Windows Store app to browse and even download/update new app in Windows Store! So, what is causing this glitch?

Windows Store app cannot online to Windows Store server for download or update apps.

Well, there is another common cause of failure but it isn’t mentioned by Windows Store app. In my demo (the silent screencast below), this problem is caused by WinHTTP proxy settings again (Oh sh*t!):

It’s darn easy to fix it (the same trick used in previous post to solve Windows Update error code 8024402C or 80072EFD):

1. Press Windows+X and click “Command Prompt (Admin)” to open elevated Command Prompt window,

2. Run this command to check WinHTTP proxy settings:
netsh winhttp show proxy

If your network requires a proxy server (e.g. port 80) to access Internet, make sure WinHTTP proxy server setting is configured accordingly (double check with the proxy settings used in Internet Explorer, if IE can online). So in this case:
netsh winhttp set proxy

If the network used by Windows 8 does not require proxy server (i.e. can directly access Internet), confirm there is NO proxy server configured for WinHTTP. If there is one, you must remove the WinHTTP proxy settings, by executing this command:
netsh winhttp reset proxy

Once you’ve done with WinHTTP proxy settings, close and open Windows Store app again (or restart Windows).

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  1. Andrew Weisenfelder 28-09-13@00:44

    I did a recovery on my computer a week ago. After that everything seeded to work okay.

    Then I started having problems with Windows 8 apps. some worked when I uninstalled and reinstalled them. But now I can’t access the Store. Microsoft should really offer a way to reinstall it. (however, it will probably quit working)

    Based on my experience so far with Windows 8, I would not recommend it to anyone.

  2. Dick Gulbrandsen 18-10-13@09:28

    I have 2 computers running windows 8 Pro, a 32bit laptop and a 64bit PC. The 32 bit laptop can access the store and all the
    metro apps work. The 64 bit system can not. I heard from someone that this was because of the security built into the 64 bit. Problem is, I cannot get the download
    for the new 8.1… When I use Mozilla Fox browser on the 64bit OS, I can reach http://www.windowsstore.com, but Internet Explore gives me the same “can’t be reached” message as the Store tab on Metro.

  3. Dick Gulbrandsen 27-10-13@04:41

    I have a 32 bit computer running Win 8.1 preview and a 64 bit computer running win 8.1 preview. The 32 bit one can access the store, the 64 bit one cannot. so I cannot get the 64bit 8.1 release to update. I am also bothered that I am going to have to install all my apps yet again. My computer is loaded with them, none purchased from the store. I am one of those that liked Win 7 a lot better.

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