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Direct Download Skype Full Installer From Skype.com For Offline Installation

By default, Skype.com offers you to download bootstrapper of the latest Skype VoIP freeware. For users of Internet Explorer, it even prompts for creating an account or sign in first prior to download bootstrapper :(

If you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox, you’ll still get the bootstrapper only, though the mandatory step imposed on IE users is not applied to these non-IE web browsers.

When there is problem of installing Skype via bootstrapper behind a firewall/proxy server, it’s good to have an official full installer for offline installation. The full installer is also good for sysadmin who installs this freeware on multiple computers or hobbyist who archives installer of different versions, etc.

Download the Skype v6.0.60.120 full installer.

Here you go, the latest Skype full installer download link, which doesn’t require sign-in/account creation prior to download! With reference to How do I install Skype?

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