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Can I Install Windows Live Messenger 2012 On Windows 8?

For now the answer is absolutely yes! You should install all packages of Windows Essentials 2012 or just the Windows Live Messenger 2012, if you’re actively using those Windows program (not apps)!

Although Windows 8 comes with Messaging app (the purple tile in Start screen) which can show off received messages as notification on the Windows 8 lock screen, this chatting app is still at infancy stage, lacking a hell of a lot of features in Windows Live Messenger 2012 (the program version).
Don’t worry, it won’t impact Windows stability. There is no technical problem or conflict by installing Windows Essentials 2012 on Windows 8, except for eating some valuable disk space. In fact, Microsoft does publish a full installer made for Windows 8.

So, go ahead to get the Windows Essentials 2012 bootstrapper and choose the packages you want to install.

If you’re going to install all of them, or at least the Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, and Windows Live Messenger, or install the packages on multiple computers, you’ll like this full installer to save broadband quota and time.

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