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Few Tricks To Shutdown Windows 8

There are few easier ways to shutdown or restart Windows 8, even though you can’t find the familiar Start button to do so.

In fact, Microsoft doesn’t hide the power button, and there is no much difference in term of number of mouse-click required to shutdown Windows 8 and Windows 7.
Trick 0: Just bring up Charm bar (via Windows+C hotkey) and click Settings, there is a power button.

Trick 1: Click Taskbar or Desktop and press ALT+F4

This is my preference! Just click on the Taskbar or Desktop, then press ALT+F4 hotkey to bring up the classic “Shutdown Windows” dialog box, where you can choose Switch user, Sign out, Sleep, Hibernate, Shut down, or Restart Windows:

Shortcuts to shutdown or restart Windows 8

Trick 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del

The CTRL+ALT+DEL hotkey brings up options to Lock, Switch user, Sign out, Change password, and Task Manager. At the bottom-right corner, there is a power button too.

Trick 3: Create shortcut and hotkey to run shutdown.exe

This shutdown /s /t 0 command instructs Windows to shutdown itself immediately (no wait time, as /t is 0 second)! Without specifying the /t option, Windows 8 will wait 1 minute before triggering the shutdown process.

So, create a shortcut of shutdown.exe on Desktop and click it. If you also assign a hotkey to the shortcut, e.g. F11, it’s possible to activate shutdown anytime by pressing F11, as long as the shortcut is saved on the Desktop:

Using shortcut and hotkey to shutdown Windows 8

Of course, you can create multiple shortcuts of shutdown.exe where each shortcut takes different option and hotkey. For example:

shutdown /r for restart and use F10 hotkey.
shutdown /h for hibernate and use F9 hotkey.

To get more reference, run shutdown /? at Windows Command Prompt or Run dialog box.

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