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Direct Download 32/64-bit Adobe Flash Player Full Installer

The latest Adobe Flash Player full offline installer contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. That’s to say, on a 64-bit platform, the setup installs both 32-bit and 64-bit Adobe Flash Player.

Though, there are two different installers aim for different web browsers, i.e. one is ActiveX-based for Internet Explorer 9 or earlier and Plug-in type for all other browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc).
On Windows 8, the Adobe Flash Player update for Internet Explorer 10 is provided by Microsoft via Windows Update. The ActiveX version provided by Adobe just fail to install on Windows 8 RTM.

Why use offline installer?

The offline installer is useful when you encounter problem to upgrade an outdated Flash Player (behind firewall/proxy server) or expect installation on multiple terminals (save broadband data).

With reference to Flash Player Help, these two links are always providing the latest, updated version of Adobe Flash Player offline installer (32/64-bit All-In-One/AIO type):

Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer 9 or earlier)

Flash Player Plug-in (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc)

If you want it to be auto-updated, go to Control Panel > click Flash Player > Advanced tab:

Auto update Adobe Flash Player on Windows

Make sure the recommended option is used, i.e. to allow Adobe to install updates!

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