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Why Disable Windows 8 Start Screen If It Is Easy To Live With?

Yes, it’s a bit difficult to navigate through Windows 8 Modern UI (Metro UI) in first few attempts. If you can spend couple of minutes to pick up few essential tricks, it’s not that hard to work with Windows 8.

As a “royalty” Windows users (since Windows 95), I must say the Windows 8 Modern UI Style is really cool, a totally new visual experience that never seen in any previous Windows releases. I feel like having new toy to work in the boring office.
Unfortunately, the Windows programs (not Windows apps) appearance look suck, because of missing Windows Aero glass-like effect and the Windows Flip 3D, making the Desktop appears to have go back to good old XP era :(

So, why so serious to look for a trick or installing additional program to dress Windows 8 with old themes, if it’s not hard to live with it?

For example:

1. Move the Desktop tile to the top-left position. The 1st tile right below the word “Start” receives focus when Start screen is shown, therefore hitting the ENTER key will activate it and bring you the conventional Windows Desktop.

Rearrange Windows 8 Start screen tiles

Even you don’t disable Windows 8 Start screen and the boot up doesn’t go straight to Windows Desktop, what’s so difficult by just hit ENTER key and there you see the Windows Desktop in no time?

Once you’re in the Desktop, switching between Desktop and Start screen is merely by hitting Windows key (to toggle between Start screen and Desktop) or ESC key (to get back to Desktop). You can also hit Windows+D to activate Show Desktop function.

To search or locate a Windows program/app on Windows 8 is also as easier as Windows 7:

1. Hit CTRL+ESC or Windows Key to access Windows 8 Start screen, then type first few characters of the program/app name that you’re looking for to run next. OR,

2. Hit Windows+Q hotkey to display all installed programs plus the Search pane, then just type first few characters of the program name to locate it.

Once you get used to it, it’s fun and as easier as using Windows 7!

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