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What Is Post-by-email Address In Facebook? How To Find It?

Can you post status update or photo to Facebook via email? Yes, by all means. Just find out your dedicated, personal Facebook post-by-email address and save it to contact list.

This service was called “personalized upload email address”, then changed to “personal publishing address”, and now it’s known as post-by-email address.

This latest name sounds better and easier to understand, isn’t it? It’s this service that allows user to post status update or photo to Facebook using email, i.e. no need to access the social networking website or using Facebook mobile app.

How to find your post-by-email address?

This email address is unique to each account and to most people it’s not easy for human memory. To check yours:

1. Login your account and go to m.facebook.com

2. Click the “Photo” link (that’s meant for upload photo), there you’ll find it:

Using the post-by-email address to post status update, photo, or video to Facebook from any email client.

If so happen this address has accidentally exposed to friends, they can use it to easily post something (nasty) to your Timeline. To fix this situation, you can either change the default sharing privacy settings or reset the post-by-email address (the trick mentioned in previous post).

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