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How To Change Facebook Post-by-email Address?

Do you know that you can post photo or status update to Facebook via a personal, secret email address? Facebook has changed this service again to become more relevant – post-by-email address.

Back in 2010, it was called “personal upload email address” and there was a dedicated function to reset it in case that someone know about this “secret” address of yours.

Earlier this year, it was changed to “personal publishing address” and the reset function has gone missing. Indeed, it’s still “hiding” as of now.

The trick used to change Post-by-email address of Facebook 2012 (Sep version)

Facebook self-service function to help user regain control of account that has been taken over by bad guy.Bookmark this URL – it will help you regain control when someone hack and take over your Facebook account, or when you want to change the post-by-email address that has already exposed to somebody:

Once you’re in that FB page, just follow and complete the step-by-step guide to regain control of your precious social networking account. Basically, the steps are as follow (what I’ve tried just now):
WARNING: Using this self-service function not only will reset your post-by-email address, but also the password and security question! So, be prepared.

1. Click “My account is compromised” button to proceed.

2. Identify your account – enter your FB user name, or registered email address or phone number that used to login. I choose to enter email address (login ID).

3. Once FB find the said identity, you’re prompted to enter any password that you’ve used for login. Best if you can provide the latest password used before your account is hacked (doesn’t matter what password the bad guy has then changed to – you understand the logic, don’t you?).

4. Once FB recognized you as legitimate owner of the said account, you’re prompted to create a new password (i.e. reset the password used by the bad guy).

5. FB endeavors to remind you the need of changing email account password for the email address registered in Facebook.

6. Next, you’re asked to choose a new security question.

7. Lastly, you can opt to turn on extra security features or learn more about account security and related options.

Now, you’re good to login using the new password and also a new post-by-email address for uploading photo or updating status via email. Happy FB!

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  1. Erwin 19-09-12@16:23

    Nope, not working. :(

  2. Shannon 30-12-12@14:33

    Thank you so much for this! I just had my account hacked into and was having a major panic but this sorted it out within seconds. I am so grateful!

  3. handy mandy 24-02-13@04:01

    thanks bro…who ever you are….thankyou

  4. Sharjeel Khan 05-12-14@21:44

    thank you so much ….. for helping me .

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