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Stream Photo From Android or iOS To Intel-based Windows 7 Computer

For people who would like to stream photo from mobile device to computer or HDTV, think about this free app called Intel Pair & Share.

Developed by the semiconductor chip maker, this app allows users to share images from Android device, iPhone, or iPad to Intel-based Windows 7 computer or HDTV (via computer with Intel Wireless Display feature, WiDi).

Intel Pair and Share freeware for iOS and Android platform to stream images to Intel-based Windows 7 computer or HDTV via WiDi.

Getting it work is just requiring 3 steps:

1. Download this Windows-side program, install and run it.

2. Downlaod this Android app or iOS app, install and run it.

3. The mobile app lists all Windows 7 computers found in the same network that are running Intel Share & Pair. Click one from the list and that Windows 7 computer screen will display a 6-digit PIN code for entering on the mobile app.
If your mobile can’t find any Windows 7 running that app, it’s likely your Windows Firewall (the bundled or 3-party such as Kaspersky Internet Security Suite). Temporarily disable the Firewall and try again – if it works then fine tune your Firewall setting.

Once the authentication passed, you’re set to stream picture (by tapping) from mobile device to a larger display.

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