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Bring Android SMS Function To Windows 7

The Nokia Suite allows me to send and receive SMS on Windows computer via the connected Nokia smartphone. What about Android?

For Android users who also using an Intel-based Windows computer, you may consider Intel TelePort Extender, a freeware for user to send/receive SMS on Windows 7 computer via Android smartphone over Wi-Fi (which means no messy cable, wasting battery for Bluetooth while Wi-Fi is ON, etc).

Intel TelePort Extender allows Intel-based Windows 7 users to send and receive SMS via Android phone.

Similar to Intel Pair & Share, you need to install this freeware on both Windows 7 and Android phone, in order for them to talk securely over Wi-Fi.

In brief, getting it to work is simple as this:

1. Download Intel TelePort Extender for Windows 7.

2. Download Intel TelePort Extender for Android.

3. When both Windows 7 and Android connecting to the same wireless network (but how many home user will have more than one WiFi network?), the TelePort client on Android will search and list all Windows 7 computers that running TelePort server. Choose one from the list and enter PIN code to proceed.

Can this Intel TelePort Extender allow me to use WhatsApp on Windows 7? No, it can’t :(

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