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How To Change Citrix Client Host Name?

By default, Citrix Receiver installation uses Windows computer name as client host name. You may, however, change it to be different from Windows computer name.

Why bother to change? In my case, the home Desktop Windows computer name is “MyDick” which is different from the office laptop that uses asset tag as computer name. That said, if someone opens Windows Task Manager of Citrix server, he/she will know am accessing via personal computer.

Citrix client host name seen in Windows Task Manager of Citrix server.

Instead of changing Windows computer name of my personal Desktop, it’s easier by changing the Citrix client settings stored in Windows Registry:
Careless editing may corrupt Windows Registry and causes Windows to fail. So, leave now and don’t do it if you’re not comfortable.

1. Open Windows Registry Editor,

2. Browse to this path (of a 64-bit Windows 7; for 32-bit Windows, please search for “ClientName” in Registry Editor):

3. Click the “ClientName” key (on the right pane) and give it a name of your choice. If this key is not in your Windows, then right click on right pane and choose “New > String Value” to create the said key with Citrix client host name.

Windows Registry key that set Citrix client host name

Once done it, log off and on your Citrix connection and use CTRL+F3 to open Citrix server’s Windows Task Manager to confirm the new/pseudo client host name is effective.

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