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How To Download Facebook Data To Local PC For Backup Purpose?

Facebook introduced “Download your information” in year 2010, to allow users backup a copy of their activities and data shared on the social networking site.

To use this backup feature:

1. Login and go to Account Settings (i.e. at top-right of FB page, click the down arrow next to Home link).

2. Now, you should be seeing “General Account Settings” – click “General” (left pane) if it’s not the case.

3. Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data” link that appears as the last item of general settings.

Download Facebook data to PC

4. Now, click “start my archive” button and follow the instructions to proceed. Or, click “expanded archive” link (in the same page) to download different kind of data. When the backup is ready, FB will email you a unique download link to save your Facebook data to local computer.

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