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How To Create Word Clouds For Your Facebook Page?

Ever wonder what topics you’ve shared the most in Facebook? When this question pops up, my thought is why not use word clouds to give an intuitive answer (though it might not be informative to some people).

So, here is the word clouds screenshot generated by Wordle, based on the posts shared in WalkerNews.net Facebook Page:

Generate word clouds of Facebook Page.

Generate word clouds from Facebook Page or Profile

Uses Google Chrome to login Facebook, go to the Wall, load all the posts or as much as you can, and then press CTRL+A (to select all) followed by CTRL+C (to copy).
Why use Google Chrome? I tried Internet Explorer 9, it can’t copy single word from Facebook Page!

Next, open Notepad or any text editor of your choice and press CTRL+V to paste. You can do some massage on the pasted content, says by removing blank lines and texts/statements that are not related to your posts. Once you’re satisfy with it, hit CTRL+A and then CTRL+C again to copy whatever in Notepad.

Now, go to Wordle Create page, paste the copied Notepad content into the given box and hit GO button. After the first Word Clouds generated and if you’re not satisfy with the presentation, just click “Randomize” button until a desirable shape comes out, then use font and/or color menu to further customize the look and feel.

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