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How To Set Google Chrome Default Search Engine To Google NCR?

It’s not always appropriate to use localized Google Search to look for info from the Net, unless you’re searching for localized topics. My preference is to use Google NCR (no country redirect), i.e. Google US edition.

However, this can be a little challenging when using Google Chrome (my preference of web browser too). So, let’s see how to configure Google Chrome default search engine to Google NCR or Google of your home country.

1. Right-click on Address bar (a.k.a. omnibox) and choose “Edit search engine”

Configure Google Chrome search engine

2. Uses “Other search engines” section to add your preference. For example, type “Google NCR” in first two boxes and fill the 3rd box with this string:
To use Google UK, replace that string to be like this:

Thus, to use Google of your preference country, just update the string with localized Google Search URL.

3. Once finish editing 3rd box, press ENTER key to add this new record.

4. Hovering your mouse pointer on that new record and click “Make default” button.

Set Google Chrome default search engine to your preference.

Thereafter, the Google Chrome will use Google Search edition of your choice and not the localized edition to do googling:

Set Google Chrome search engine default to Google NCR

After knowing the trick, you may say it’s just piece of cake.

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  1. Hox 10-06-12@12:31

    Thanks !! Been breaking my head over this over hours !!!

  2. zahir 07-01-13@18:09

    thanks, google being served us!

  3. vidd 29-01-13@22:42

    How can I do this for Google’s other search products which I also use from the omnibox? For example, I search books.google.com using the ‘tab’ trick and I want it to actually use books.google.com instead of books.google.(whereiam)

  4. Indo 31-03-13@19:45

    Doesn’t work in Indonesia.. it’s always back to google.com

  5. Danny 22-05-13@01:52

    Trying to use Google.com in dk. Get danish version no matter what..

  6. Eliz_020 10-06-13@17:45

    Thanks! Very helpful!

    Obs: Using Google Chrome > after Changing the URL in settings (…) making it my default (…) it still didnt work! So I deleted my actual browser from the list eg. google.co.uk, then everything was OK!


  7. Mike Corcoran 26-06-13@19:39

    ncr doesn’t work anymore. They cut it nearly a year ago.

  8. Cody Sechelski 30-01-15@22:59

    Works great got me. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Max 20-06-15@17:13


    it works great.

  10. Caroline 24-08-15@16:28

    YOU=BEST. Thank you!!

  11. Bassem Fanari 16-12-15@11:10

    Seems that Google’s NCR (No Country Redirect) parameter is not working anymore as of December 15, 2015.

    Luckily, you can still avoid Google’s country redirects using the following new link instead:


    Bassem Fanari

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