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Video Demo: How To Open HTC One X Camera Even Screen Is Locked?

The data on Android smartphone is precious, so I enable storage encryption and use a complex password (not PIN) to lock screen.

Yes, entering the long password is troublesome. But, I don’t need more than 3 seconds to shoot a rare scene, as I can open HTC One X camera without unlock the screen!
You know, its 8MP BSI sensor featuring F2.0 aperture is capable of doing high speed (zero lag) continuous photo shooting (for more 20 frames in a row if tweaked), which means the chance to capture sharp and clear photo is much higher :)

All I have to do is make sure:

1. Go to Settings > Personalize > enable “Show launch bar shortcuts” option,

2. Put the camera app on the Launch bar that appears at bottom of Home screen. If it isn’t there, put the camera shortcut to home screen then drag it to the Launch bar.

Thereafter, I can drag the camera app shortcut to the ring and start shooting photo/recording video, even the screen remains locked! When the screen is locked, Android only allows one to use camera app and restrict viewing the photo gallery (so those secret photos saved in device will not expose when the smartphone goes to the wrong hands).

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