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Official Facebook Chat Program For Windows 7

Facebook Messenger for Windows is just another IM program but if you don’t mind to install yet another instant messaging application, go ahead to download one and try – it’s absolutely a free and official Facebook program.

At this moment, Facebook Messenger only run on Windows 7 but support for Windows Vista in on the way, as noted at here. Windows XP? NO!

Facebook Messenger – Chat from Desktop

Many of you might have seen this notice (left) pops up at lower right corner of FB page. If it’s not there, try click the Chat setting button and look for “Chat from Desktop…” option (right):

Facebook Messenger For Windows 7

Frankly speaking, I will try not to install so many IM program on Windows (keep it slim and “healthy”). For diehard FB users, they might find Facebook Messenger useful, as the program can instantly update users on new messages and notifications as well as friend requests.

Facebook Messenger with tabbed windows make it easier for chatting with multiple friends in different session.

The tabbed chat window, currently not available on FB website, is definitely a nice feature as it’s easier and tidy when chatting with many friends on different topics in different sessions. Multiple sessions chatting on web-based FB Chat is painful and disturbing when reading News Feed.

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