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How To Minimize Data Usage While Surfing Facebook?

Your boss or proxy admin is monitoring every staff Internet usage and never miss to announce the monthly top-10 Internet users. That move, however, can’t stop your wish to stay online because you’re addicted to Facebook!

Okay, you may continue to stay connected with Facebook via corporate Internet access but may (no guarantee) still keep out of the top-10/100 Internet users list, by using Facebook Mobile or Facebook Touch.
Both Facebook Mobile and Facebook Touch are lightweight and speedy, as these sites are simplified for mobile broadband Internet users who are generally facing problems such as limited data usage quota, no guarantee of constant/maximum Internet speed and connection quality/stability while users are on the move.

Best of all, one can access Facebook mobile sites from Desktop/laptop computer – it’s not limited to mobile devices only :)

Facebook Touch vs Facebook Desktop
Due to page size reduction, the Facebook Touch and Facebook Mobile page loading is faster as compare to classic Facebook Desktop site:
Facebook Touch vs Facebook Desktop - the page size of Facebook mobile site is significant smaller than FB for Desktop.

As you can see, the image size is significant smaller on mobile site but a better image quality of interested picture is still available when user clicks on it. Therefore, it can save or lower Internet data usage and it’s faster to surf Facebook on these mobile sites as compare to Desktop site.

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