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How To Find New Facebook Personalized Upload Email Address?

The previous trick for finding your Facebook personalized upload email address is not applicable now. In fact, its name has also changed to “personal publishing address”.

As its name says, Facebook personal publishing address allows one to post photo or video on the Wall without logging in Facebook. If you’re interested in this feature, find yours personalized email address from Facebook Mobile Web:

1. Browse to m.facebook.com and log in to your account.
Note, HTTPS secured connection is not currently available on Facebook mobile site even you’ve enabled “secure browsing” in your account settings.

2. Click the upload photo link:

How to post photo to Facebook via email without log in to your profile?

3. There you’ll see your unique personal publishing address:

Using email to post video on Facebook

With reference to official guide about Facebook personalized upload email address.

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  1. tom 27-01-12@06:35

    Christ, thank you. You don’t know how hard it was trying to find this.


  2. Thinh 07-02-12@03:09

    Please help me, how can I reset my personal upload email in new facebook?????

  3. Brandon 17-02-12@01:43

    How do you reset it? Mine has been compromised and I have been trying to change it for 7 months.

  4. Evan 24-08-12@13:54

    Hi, how do reset it? Facebook has changed and all the old methods are not possible anymore.

  5. Walker 04-09-12@01:14

    Hi all, the trick to reset this post-by-email address in FB (2012 version):


  6. Gisele Jobin 16-05-15@06:03

    I”ve been googling for 4 days straight,and CANNOT find my post-by-email address!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me!!!!!!

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