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How To Enable Facebook Video Chat Feature?

You may have heard about Facebook video calling, group chat, and new Chat sidebar. These new features, however, are not yet enabled or available for all users during testing period.

If you don’t see the new Chat sidebar, the video calling function is likely not available to your Facebook profile too. To find that out, just login to FB and browse to this URL:

If you’re prompted to “Get started”, click that green button and then you’re set to initiate video call. Otherwise, it tells you “Video calling will be available soon. Please check again later.”, which means you can only receive call but not to make call:

Activate Facebook Video Calling function.

After installing Facebook Video Call (web browser plugin), you can make a voice or video call to friends in FB (depends on webcam/microphone availability at either side – it’s perfectly OK to have no webcam at both ends, i.e. to have voice call only using microphone):

Make video or voice call in Facebook.

There is a “call” button on friend’s profile page (top-right corner) as well as chat box. Remember that this “call” button only available to those chosen users who have clicked “Get started” button. Those who don’t have this button can still receive video/voice call after installing the web browser plugin as prompted.

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