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How To Easily Enlarge Small Font Display On Web Browser?

After upgrade Internet Explorer to IE9, we notice Chinese fonts on Facebook are too small to read pleasantly. Similar experience seen on the latest Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 12 as well :(

Besides Facebook, some websites either purposely or unconsciously present key content with small font size which is hard to read.

Luckily, you as a reader can override the font size at wish and this can be done easily with modern web browsers:

Hotkey and touch gesture used to easily enlarge or zoom in small text rendered by modern web browser.

On IE9, Google Chrome 12 or Firefox 4:
  • Press CTRL and + together to easily enlarge or zoom in content.
  • Press CTRL and 0 together to have enlarged content falls back to normal zoom level (100%).

On tablet or cellphone that supports multi-touch gesture, the pinch to zoom function allows user to easily change zoom level of web browser too.

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  1. brenda hansford 10-10-12@13:01

    I need help in getting my font size back to normal on this computer. It is so small right now I cannot read it.

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