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How To Copy Facebook Video From IE9 Cache Folder?

Looking for IE9 cache folder where you may find video files that you’ve just watched on Facebook or video hosting sites?

It’s fun to watch online at respective site where you can click “like”, leave comment, etc. It’s NOT fun, however, to stream over a slow yet unreliable broadband connection, should you want to watch it again at some other days or share with family members who have yet watched the video. It’s even painful if ISP imposes monthly broadband usage quota :(

If you already know where IE7 or IE8 cache folder is, it’s not hard to find IE9 cache folder if you’re running Internet Explorer 9 with Protected Mode on:

Yes, that’s right, the default IE9 cache folder is at the following path (if IE9 is in Protected mode when you watched video):
%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5

Just copy that path to Windows Explorer Address bar and hit ENTER key. Otherwise follow the steps in screencast, i.e.:

1. On IE9 window, press ALT+X to bring up Tools menu and select Internet Options.

2. Click Settings button of “Browsing History” section in General tab of Internet Options dialog box.

3. Click “View Files” button then append \low\content.ie5 to Windows Explorer Address bar and hit ENTER.
NOTE: You must enable Windows Explorer to display hidden folders, as some of the subfolders in IE9 cache folder are hidden!

From there, open each of the subfolders to locate the possible video files, e.g. identify them by file size or file extension.

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  1. abdul 15-01-13@12:05

    Thanks for this post the above was the address that worked for me

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