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Using Lookeen Backup Manager To Backup Outlook Email And Settings

For those who would like to simplify the step of backing up everything of Microsoft Outlook, you may want to consider Lookeen Backup Manager.

Using this 3rd-party software, you can define the number of backup files to rotate, where the oldest copy will be overwrote by the latest backup. On top of that, each backup file can be secured by a password as well as compressed and/or split into multiple chunks (if that could help to maximize your storage space of different sizes).

What does it backup? Well, that includes the misc. settings in Outlook Options dialog box, OST files, custom forms, and a bonus feature of backing up folders in “My Documents”.

Lookeen Backup ManagerHowever, this is not a freeware. Only the paid version unlock full features, such as backup/restore Outlook Profiles (email accounts settings), RSS feed, macro and VBA program, custom dictionaries, signatures, etc.

The only downsize is not support VSS backup, thus Microsoft Outlook has to be manually closed or shutdown properly before running backup. Though there is an option to have it automatically terminate Outlook process prior to start backup, this method is not recommended as it may corrupt Outlook data file or cause data loss.

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  1. MarkHo 24-05-11@01:29

    Another bonus feature: You can backup the favorites of the most important Internet browsers on the market (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari). Not for everyone because of the price but for those in need of a professional tool it is worth the money.

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