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How To Add Hotmail To Outlook 2010?

Outlook Hotmail Connector allows users add Hotmail or Office Live Mail to Outlook 2010 (also support Outlook 2007/2003), i.e. this Outlook plugin enables users access Hotmail account right on Outlook 2010 to read/send email and manage contact/calendar seamlessly.

Unlike adding Gmail to Outlook, the step to add Hotmail to Outlook 2010 is much easier (as simple as the guide for Outlook 2007):

1. Click File tab then Info (left pane) and click “Add account”.


2. In the “Choose Service” window, select “Other” and “Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector”.


3. Now you’ll be prompted to fill up basic information for Outlook 2010 to connect and access your Hotmail account, i.e. display name (any pseudo/real name of your preference), email address and password of Hotmail (for authentication/login).

Using Outlook Hotmail Connector plugin to access Hotmail or Office Live Mail on Outlook 2010.

The “Advanced” info is optional – if you would like the reply email to be different from Hotmail, specify that at wish. Click OK button to complete the process.

Now, your Hotmail account should appear on the left pane after passing authentication. If you chose not to remember password by Outlook (thus no password was entered in previous step), it’ll prompt you enter the password for authentication.

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