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How To Backup Outlook 2010 Email Account Settings?

Microsoft Office 2010 doesn’t provide official utility to backup Outlook 2010 Profile settings and the Windows Easy Transfer wizard of Windows 7 doesn’t allow user to selectively export Microsoft Outlook settings only.

So, if you would like to export Outlook 2010 Exchange email account settings to new laptop or computer, here is an alternate way for reference:

Backup and restore Outlook 2010 Profile settings
Mistake made on Windows Registry may corrupt it and cause Windows or program fails to work properly. Leave now, if you’re not comfortable.

As shown in the screencast, the test was made on Windows 7 using Outlook 2010.

On the old Windows 7 computer where Outlook 2010 has configured to access both Hotmail (using Outlook Connector) and Exchange account:

Click Start button, type regedit.exe and hit ENTER key (when the typed program appears atop is highlighted) to open Registry Editor.

Next, using left pane of editor window, navigate to this path:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles

Export Outlook 2010 Profiles settings for restore on new computer.Right click on “Profiles” and select “Export” option to backup it to Registration file (*.reg) type. If there are many profiles, you may also just backup the active profile (e.g. Outlook2010 in the screenshot).

Then, copy the Registration file (*.reg) to new Windows 7 computer / laptop where Outlook 2010 is already installed (but yet configured with a profile or any email accounts) and double click the reg file to restore Outlook 2010 Profiles settings of old computer.

Now, open Outlook 2010 and you should be prompted to login Exchange email! Otherwise, you may see “Microsoft Outlook has stopped working” message :(

Outlook crashes after restoring Registry of email account settings.If you see this error after restoring Registry of Outlook 2010 Profiles, it may be caused by IMAP type of email accounts (e.g. Gmail).
I got this error after restoring Registry of Profiles that contains 3 email accounts, i.e. Exchange email, Hotmail, and Gmail. It’s fixed after removing Gmail from Outlook 2010 and then reexport the Registry on old computer to restore on new laptop.

So, if you’ve also added Gmail and Hotmail to Outlook 2010 besides Exchange account, please remove Gmail account first (and probably Hotmail as well for your case) then redo export / import steps. To include Hotmail in the export, make sure the Outlook Connector plugin has also been installed on the new computer prior to restore the Registry.

To me, it’s fine to manually add back Hotmail/Gmail account to Outlook 2010 except for Exchange email account (which is not possible to configure it unless the new laptop has access to Exchange server while hooking up to corporate network or via VPN from home to office).

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