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How To Disable Facebook Recent Activity?

Facebook has provided a new option to disable Recent Activity appears on the Wall, i.e. when you click X button of any items in Recent Activity section, there is an option called “Hide all likes activity”.

Facebook launch an official feature to disable Recent Activity.

Once this option is activated, you will not see Recent Activity posts appear on the Wall, and there is no option (or I overlook it?) to undo.

If you simply want to hide these posts from friends, i.e. allow them appear on Wall for own tracking but prevent friends to see or read your Facebook Recent Activity, then you should use Facebook Privacy Settings to restrict it for your eye only.

Prevent friends to read your Facebook Recent Activity

Click Account (top-right corner), select Privacy Settings, followed by View Settings of Connecting On Facebook section:

Facebook Privacy Settings

Now, set the “See your likes, activities and other connections” to “only me”:

Configure Privacy Settings to hide Facebook Recent Activity from friends.

That’s to say, no one else except yourself can see/read your own Recent Activity items on the Wall (good for tracking purpose without putting privacy at risk). So, the old option works better, isn’t it?

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