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How To Disable Windows 7 User Account Control Feature?

Unlike its predecessor, Windows 7 does provide an intuitive graphical interface that allows people easily configure UAC (User Account Control) to one of the four options.

There are many ways to access Windows 7 User Account Control settings dialog box. The easiest ways is click Start button then click on your Windows account picture and select “Change User Account Control settings”. You can also open Control Panel, change View to “Large Icons” and click User Accounts to access UAC settings.

Alternatively, click Start button and type this

Hit Enter key when the typed program appears atop and highlighted.

Disable Windows 7 UAC

If you wish to turn off or disable Windows 7 UAC, just move the slider to lowest level, i.e. never notify. Note, this is the least secure setting and thus highly not recommended unless you’re a super-duper advanced user or has a good reason to do so.

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