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Adding Outlook PST File Requires Enter Password Twice

Am puzzled why Microsoft Outlook requires user to enter password twice when open PST file (Outlook Data File) for the first time. As it prompted me to enter password again, I almost panic and thought I’ve got the wrong password :(

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook with PST and not already aware of this annoyance, take a look at this video and remember it (avoid being tricked to believe you’ve entered an invalid password – it just need you enter the same thing twice exactly!):

As shown in the screencast, Outlook 2010 rejects wrong password with a clear message. If you’ve entered the valid password, however, it prompts you again with the same message (that’s puzzling)! If you came across the reason behind, please leave a comment to share.

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  1. 1Rosomak 01-04-14@15:45

    Hi, I have the same problem, although with Outook 2013. I have two PST files attached to Outlook and have to enter password 4 times = twice per each pst. EVERYTIME :-\ I have been searching on the internet and some people have this issue while AVG is installed, but I’m running SEP. I hope some1 will find a solution to this, and may be the reason why it happens.

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