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How To Open Windows Task Manager From Citrix Client?

If you wonder how many users are connecting to Citrix server, you could check it out by running Windows Task Manager of Citrix server (from XenApp Plugin client).

In my test, I just need to run a program (e.g. Putty or Windows Explorer) on Citrix and make it as active application then press CTRL+F3 to bring up Windows Task Manager of Citrix server:

Hotkey for open Windows Task Manager of Citrix server that can be used to check how many active users connecting to Citrix.

As shown in the screenshot (above), there are 4 computers (including mine) connecting to Citrix server using ICA file (of XenApp plugin).

Am not sure this trick requires some settings enabled on Citrix server or it’s applicable on every Citrix version.

Anyway, you can try it at your own risk, though there is no harm if the active Citrix application doesn’t react to that hotkey and trigger something unexpected.

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  1. Peter 15-04-16@17:40

    Thanks for that tip!
    That is exectly what I was searching for.

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