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How To Turn On Windows 7 Black Theme Instantly?

If you believe dark theme does conserve battery power or electricity, then you might be interested to enable the Windows 7 black theme.

Known as High Contrast theme, this hidden feature is not new on Windows 7. If not mistaken, it’s available on Windows XP and definitely with Windows Vista.

Windows 7 black theme might help to reduce electricity bill.

Suppose the default hotkey is turned on, you should be able to enable the Windows 7 black theme in no time by pressing “LEFT ALT + LEFT SHIFT + Print Screen” altogether to bring up this High Contrast dialog box:

Enable Windows 7 High Contrast mode.

The same keyboard shortcut can be used to disable Windows High Contrast display mode.

If the keyboard shortcut is not working on your Windows, open “Ease of Access Center” from Control Panel, then click “Make the computer easier to see” or “Set up high contrast”, and enable the High Contrast hotkey:

Hotkey to toggle Windows High Contrast feature on and off.

Alternatively, execute this at Windows Command Prompt:
control.exe /name Microsoft.EaseOfAccessCenter /page PageEasierToSee

Besides using hotkey (where change is instantly), you can also activate one of the 4 High Contrast themes in “Personalization” of Control Panel. Again, the “Personalization” can also be opened from Command Prompt:
control.exe desk.cpl,appearance,@appearance

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