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How To Fix Sendmail Start Up Slow Problem?

The Sendmail service takes more than 3 minutes to start up and this causing RedHat Linux (RHEL 5.2) takes longer time to complete boot-up process.

If you execute service sendmail start, you’ll also notice the time it takes for “Starting sendmail” and “Starting sm-client” to display “OK”.

Wonder why this happens? Just take a look at the /var/log/maillog (text file) – this problem is likely caused by unqualified host name (no valid domain info of the host is found on /etc/hosts or DNS server), as this:
[root@localhost]# tail /var/log/maillog
....sendmail[343]: My unqualified host name (walker01) unknown; sleeping for retry
....sendmail[343]: unable to qualify my own domain name (walker01) -- using short name

Now, let us take a minute to fix this awkward problem, so that the next service sendmail restart will complete in the blink of an eye.

If there is no DNS server for name resolution service on your network, just edit /etc/hosts file and add domain info for the server IP (where Sendmail service is running), e.g.:   walker01   walker01.walkernews.net

This trick works for my case, i.e. the process of starting Sendmail service on RHEL 5.2 is lighting fast now :)

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