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How To Turn Off Citrix Application Sound On Windows 7?

After the infrastructure team upgrades Citrix server software, the trick I used to disable annoying beep tone when running Citrix applications (Putty) on Windows 7 is no longer working.

The beep driver cannot be stopped even after executing sc stop beep on an elevated Command Prompt window.

Luckily, there is an alternate trick to fix it. Rather than stopping or unloading the system beep driver, you can use Windows 7 Volume Mixer to disable Citrix application sound entirely while still able to utilize the beep driver for other applications:

Control individual application sound level on Windows 7.

Right click Speaker icon in Notification Area (bottom-right corner where the date/time is displayed) and select “Open Volume Mixer”. Alternatively, click Start button then type sndvol.exe and press ENTER key after the typed program appears atop is highlighted.

As shown by the screenshot (above), I’ve muted/disabled Citrix application sound persistently (to get rid of beep tone without affecting my wish to hear dictionary pronunciation or Facebook/YouTube video playback, etc).

NOTE, the Citrix application might not appear on Volume Mixer at all time. It could be only there when the Citrix application actually produce sound.

In my test, I purposely hit Backspace key repeatedly inside a Putty session (causing it generates flipping beep tone) and switch to Volume Mixer to mute or lower the Citrix application sound volume permanently.

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