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April Fools’ Day 2011: Google Teleport Searching For Ancient Database

The East is already on April Fool’s Day 2011 and the first April Fools’ Day joke I have stumbled upon is Google Teleport published on Google Search Hong Kong.

Google Teleport - April Fools' Day joke of 2011.

For those who desperately want to cross the Great Wall of China (firewall)(翻越长城), help yourself to dream and have fun with the Google Teleport Search service :)

Google Teleport Search service is said able to bring one back to the ancient time related to the search term.

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  1. Walker 01-04-11@11:57

    How Google Teleport works (taken from translation service):

    In principle, the search is to use search engines through the gravitational field distortion feature built-in key words Macross penetration technology, based on the electromagnetic characterization of the searcher’s decomposed body, reducing the frequency re-sent to the target combination of space-time match to achieve inter-temporal searcher thinking through the space-time information and access to target a new generation of search technology.

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